Martial Arts and Karate is fully a lesson of exercise and defensive techniques. In fact, it is a combination of various physical techniques. It is an unarmed combat technique to defend attack. Above all, its popularity among the people is increasing day by day because it is very suitable for build good health, strong body & fresh mind and to lead a descent life. Martial art totally based on exercise. So, it is an easy art to get learn and to teach. It's training enhances mental strength. Regular practice of martial art makes our body handsome. In addition to this, it contributes to build a nice nation significantly. Through the practice of martial art, scientific techniques of self defense could be achieved. In this mechanical age, Martial art is an invincible weapon (technique) for self defense. In sour subcontinent, many things had firstly started which are now a day well exercised in the other countries of the world. But, this subcontinent peoples are standing behind. As an example, Tipu Sultan is the primary inventor of modern weapons for war. History of Martial art in Bangladesh is not so remote. After liberation, its training spread. But before liberation, Martial art training was started limitedly. After overcoming various obstacles, martial art is now widely recognized as an attractive technique, applying techniques of martial art in our liberation war is not unknown to anybody. Now, youngsters are being attracted to it. We hope, that day is not far away when martial art trained young boys and girls will gift us a nice justfull society. In fact, after the 2nd world war karate had started to become popular, Martial art has been practicing constructively through Sobhan Martial art training century since last 20 years. To make martial art popular, Al-Haj Abdus Sobhan visited many places of home and abroad. Founder of this centre and chief coach Al-haj Abdus Sobhan initiated various techniques through new thinking. Imposing techniques, he created some new methods in martial art; these methods are spreading worldwide, increasing reputation of the country. Martial art method is first innovated in our country, when our golden boys and girls will bring good reputation and fame through Sobhan Martial Art Training Centre, then heart and mind of every Bangladeshi will be full of pride. Those days are not far apart when the national flag of Bangladesh will flutter in the land of other countries of the world.