Martial Arts Super Hero Publicity Averse Grandmaster Al-Haj Abdus Sobhan

Bangladesh is a small country in the vast world map. It is a riverine country. About 211 small and big rivers are flowing over the country. Because of these little settlements have created on the bands of every river. Meherpur is a settlement like this, which has covered a large part of our national history. Another name of Meherpur is Mujibnagar. Our liberation activities were directed from Mujibnagar. Our first liberation government was formed and took oath here. And in this historic Meherpur, Unique Sports Personality of Bangladesh, Al-Haj Abdus Sobhan was born. Al-Haj Abdus Sobhan took his birth at Madina Manjil,Meherpur at dawn on 26th June,1952. His father Al-Haj Md.Rejaul Haque was a businessman and mother Al-Haj Rabeya Begum is merely a housewife. Al-Haj Abdus Sobhan is the eldest among his seven brothers & three sisters. His physical shape was remarkable from his boyhood. He was tall and healthy in comparison to others. From his boyhood, he was fond of sports. On the other hand, he had a tendency to took care of his health. In his student life, he participated in many competitions and achieved much reputation and Medals. He was the District champion in 100 and 400 meters run competition for several times . He had also Immense attraction to football . But some special word changed his tendency of these sports and turned his whole life, made him nearly a legend . To do better things in the sports arena of the country especially in the field of Martial Arts, to create a self reliant youth society , to remove filthiness , darkness of frustrated ,drug addicted youth community , to make a happy prosperous Bangladesh and to project it in the world sports arena , Mr. Abdus Sobhan left all his happiness and luxurious life in abroad and came back to Bangladesh permanently he dedicated himself for the development of Martial Arts in the country. He got involve to the Bangladesh Judo and Karate Federation. He was honored by the federation as coach .Along with the work of Federation he started activities of Sobhan Martial Art Training Centre .Before started his duty as a Martial at coach, Mr . Sobhan participated in many national and international tournaments many times and achieved many medals of which mentionable is wining gold on behalf of Bangladesh in 1st Japan judo cup competition . He visited many countries of the world as sportsman, coach and manager. Sobhan Martial Art Training Centre is doing its work to make Martial Arts popular up to the grass roots level in Bangladesh. This organization has participated in various competitions in many countries and was awarded medals and honors. Unique sports personality of the martial art, Judo black belt (4th Dan)and Karate black belt (6th Dan ) Mr. Abdus Sobhan is publicity- averse in personal life. On the other hand, He is an Ideal father and responsible husband . He married Yasmin Ara Begum in 1981. He believes that his wife is his inspiration of all of his works. He leads a happy family life with one son and two daughters. In spite of this happiness, there are some pains and griefs hidden in the depth of his heart. It is entirely related with martial arts in Bangladesh. Vice president of Bangladesh Judo and Karate Federation Mr. Abdus Sobhan is closely related to various sports organization , in the country. Being an organizer, he is observing with pains and grief's that young society of Bangladesh at present is totally unable to combat the challenges of the 21st century. He thinks that the slogan " Assurance of the 21st century is skilled youth force" could be realized only when the youth force of the country will be energetic with their self physical strength and will be able to defend themselves, will standstill against misdeeds and injustice, they will not bow down to anybody except the creator and it could be possible only if martial art can be spreaded to the grass roots level in the country. On that day, these young generation will be able to gift our country men a happy, prosperous, and Justfull Bangladesh